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El Oumnia Puerto Hotel

Tourism of El Oumnia Puerto Hotel in Tangier. Official Website. More than any other city, Tangier has been Morocco’s face to the world for more years.

More than any other city, Tangier has been Morocco’s face to the world for more years than anyone cares to remember. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar where Africa meets Europe, Tangier has long held strategic importance.

With its souks, traditional Moroccan cuisine and many historical and cultural attractions, it's the perfect destination for your Moroccan holiday.

Tangier, also known as the White City, revolves around its state-of-the-art import and export port and you are sure to see many millionaire yachts on this stretch of Moroccan coastline where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet.

The city is very popular with tourists and Moroccan holiday makers as it has beautiful beaches to entertain them. This beautiful city is energetic, very likeable, extremely individual and has an enduring charm.

The Kasbah

The Kasbah is located high on a hill in Tangier with some good views of the ocean. The old Sultan's palace (built in the 17th Century) lies within the Kasbah's walls, is known as Dar El Makhzen and is now a museum that houses fine examples of Moroccan art.

Grand Socco

A large square at the main entrance of the medina is a busy transport hub and a good place to watch the chaos of traffic, carts and people go about their daily routines.

The market sells everything including arts and crafts, fruit and vegetables and an assortment of trinkets.

The mosque

It was occupied by various civilizations for generations. It is believed that this ancient mosque was occupied by the Romans, because archaeologies found an ancient temple dedicated to Hercules.

It was also occupied by Portugueses during the Portuguese occupation; at that time was the Holy Spirit Cathedral. In the late nineteenth century, the mosque was reconstructed as an Alawite mosque as appears today.